Contact Information

Deborah Ward Beard
567 Bethel Ln.
Wilmington, OH 45177
County: Clinton
Telephone: (937) 383-3949

Product Description

Fresh vegetables and fruits including greens - mustard, collards, Swiss chard, kale, and turnips; sweet corn; tomatoes; cherry tomatoes; cabbage; turnips; okra; garlic; fresh & dried herbs: sage,basil, oregano, thyme, fennel, rosemary, mint, parsley; zuchini; yellow & white squash; pickling cucumbers; concord grapes; apples; cayenne & jalapeno hot peppers; bell peppers; fresh salsa; fresh pickles; green beans; black beans; black-eyed peas; melon; radishes; mesclun salad mix; lettuce; spice blends and mixes; lavender; cactus; potted annuals and cut fresh flowers; sunflowers; bearded iris; container planting design and services.

Bethel Lane Farms, located in Wilmington, Ohio is a family-owned farm established in 2001.  The owners' family has engaged in small farm production since 1900, and the family has participated in the New Vienna (O) Farmer Market, , Clinton County (O) Farmer Markets, Findley Market (Cincinnati, Ohio), North College Hill (O) Farmer Market, Montgomery (O) Farmer Market , and the Bainbridge (O) weekly produce auction.  Specialty and vintage produce such as okra, Swiss chard, and southern styled collard and mustard greens are the hallmark of the farm's offerings.  Healthy and old-fashion style recipes are provided for each type of produce grown, and all items are picked fresh for each market.  Potted flower gardens and cut flowers including sunflowers and marigold are marketed to container and patio gardeners.  Our fresh cut lavender has developed a loyal following.  Items for 2012 include tomatoes, bell peppers, and mesclun lettuce mix produced throughout the year in our in our HIGH Tunnel operation.    

Bethel Ln Farms products focus on vintage varieties not readily available at traditional produce outlets.  Vegetables include Black mustard, collard, kale and Swiss chard;  cabbages; fresh herbs: sage, parsley, rosemary, thyme,  fennel, mint (5);  turnips;  black beans; black-eyed peas; okra;  garlic;  pickling cucumbers; green beans;  and green tomatoes.  Recipe cards are available for all produce.  Fresh cut flowers include lavender and sunflowers.  Perennials include Prickly Pear cactus, Bearded Iris, and Mums.  Potted containers include Marigolds, and a mixture of tropicals and annuals. 

Bethel Ln Farms is honored to accept WIC Fruit & Vegetable Vouchers, WIC Farmer's Market Vegetable Vouchers, and EBT. 

"Old-fashioned goodness as good as it comes."